Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello! Sorry I haven't blogged much, but school's started back so I don't have much time to blog anymore.
Today we were all freezing at my house, so I decided to go and get my snuggie. Well, it's really my mom's, but she lets me use it. The top picture is Roscoe, snuggling the snuggie. I believe he likes the snuggie more than any of us! On the bottom is a picture of me and my sister's dog Bandit curled up in the snuggie. They had to give us Bandit when they moved out the house they used to live in. He can be very sweet, but very annoying.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Paw Paw the Teacher!!!

Today it's finally Friday, thank the Lord! So tired of having so much school stuff to do! Speaking of school, here's a picture of my grandpa and his class many, many, many... well a long time ago. ;) My grandpa is the one standing in the back with the glasses,bald head, and the dark blue shirt on. He was the teacher!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hi! So you know Sara Grace, the girl I talked about in an earlier post, right? Well this is one of her incredible drawings! I don't know how she does it, but all her drawings are awesome. I showed it to a few friends and they said it was really rockin' too. She's such an amazing artist, and I bet she'll be a professional artist one day, even though by her drawings you'd think she already is! :) Hopefully she'll send me more to put up on here. I only wish I had more readers to see them!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi! So these are some pics of me and my two dogs, Melvin (to the left) and Roscoe (to the right). Roscoe has some excellent poses, but Melvin sometimes has to be bribed. I was actually holding up a treat behind the camera!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hi Peoples! I can finally say that cause now I actually have people looking at my blog! But blogging is fun even if nobody looks at it. I cool to just get your ideas down somewhere.

So here's the next part to the story! Hope you like it!

"I'm a...a...what?" Rosie was quite confused now. Nobody had even told her what a True Enchantress is, much less that she is one!
"Oh, that's right, you don't even know what that is, do you. Bother. I went and built up the suspense and everything and you don't even know what in the world I'm talking about! Well, now, where to begin..." Evergreen floated down and sat on the edge of Rosalinda's bed. She had a long story to tell, after all, and she needed her energy.
"Well, many thousands of years ago there was the first True Enchantress, named Fairymistress Chromida. She was loved by all, and she was blessed with the Enchantress Ring. Oh, my, I should've started out with that. Um, well, let me just go get that and show it to you, I suppose. Back in a jiff." And with that, Evergreen darted out the open window and down to the garden below. The garden is where Evergreen and her family fled to when they were driven out of their last home by The Stone Men, but we'll get to that later.
Evergreen zipped back into the bedroom, her wings flapping faster than a hummingbird's. She now carried a beautifully crafted silver ring. There was a perfectly rounded light blue diamond in the middle, and little polished flowers framed it. This must be the Enchantress Ring, thought Rosalinda.
"Ah, here it is. Isn't it lovely? My, I'd like to be True Enchantress just to be able to where it, and I'm sure others would agree. But, as I was saying, Chromida was chosen when this ring found her, and-"
"Wait, don't you mean she found the ring? Not the ring found her, right?" Rosie interrupted.
"No, dearest, the ring did indeed find her. You see, whoever the ring goes to, that girl is the next True Enchantress. Just like it did with you. The ring just showed up one day on the kitchen table, and somewhere deep within its stone, your initials and image burned through. That's how we knew it was you, Rosalinda. Now then, may I please finish my story? Thank you. Chromida was a great, fair, and just leader. She even looked a bit like you.
But at the acient age of 4,452, she passed on. It was a dark, dark world when she died. The sun even missed her, for it rarely shown in the Enchanted world again. Then the worst possible thing happened. The Onyx Man took over. He was the most foul, dark, and heartless man the Enchanted world ever saw. Some believe he has no face, because his father used to be a scientist, and one of his experiments went wrong. Now his whole head is made completely of pure Onyx. But now that your here, the Onyx Man will lose his power over us. You must defeat him, Rosie! You're the only one who can."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Drawings I Am Most Proud Of

Hey Peoples! These are some of my drawings I did a few years ago. You like? I know they aren't very good, but they are actually much better than some of my drawings. I used to be mostly good at drawing animals, but now I think I like drawing people better. Although I'm not sure why. My sister Diana is way better at drawing people than me, and my friend Sara is even better than my sister at drawing animals, especially wolves and horses.
To the left you see an elf girl, and I'm not sure why I drew her. It was probably out of boredom. To the right you see a horse I drew from a picture on a calender. That was the best horse I ever drew. Check back soon because I might have more and even better drawings on here next time!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Part 2- The Rose Echantress

Hi! This is the second part to my story. I hope you like it! :-D

Evergreen was laying on her small bed of rose petals and an old sock when Rosie stepped into her room. The tiny, green fairy was snoring quietly, so quietly you couldn't hear it until you were mere inches away. Rosie walked over to the sleeping fairy, equally quiet, and whispered,"Hey, Evergreen! Mom said you wanted to tell me something. So what is it, sleepyhead?"
Evergreen shot up to the ceiling in surprise. Her eyes flew open, and a small 'eep!' sound came from her delicate mouth. When she landed back on the cushion, she had a very annoyed and possibly embarrassed look on her face.
"What's the matter with you? You KNOW not to sneak up on me like that! Well, where's my payment?"
Now it was Rosie's turn to look surprised.
"What payment?"
"Silly girl, don't tell me you've already forgotten our agreement! What we had decided was that since I can't have a lock of hair from your head, which is really quite a prize, every time you sneak up on me, you have to give me a pearl from your necklace."
"Oh right, that payment! Sorry, Evergreen. Let's see, would you like a pink or a lilac pearl?"
"Lilac. But first, dear, I must tell you something. It's really quite important. Here, have a seat." Evergreen quickly lost her bad temper, and in its place came a strange look of respect or admiration. Rosie didn't understand this expression, so she sat down with a suspicious look in her eyes.
"Oh, now don't look at me like that! I didn't want to tell you until you were older, but your mother insisted."
"Tell me what, Evergreen?"
"Well, there's no easy way to say this, so I'll come right out and tell you."
"Tell me what?"
"Or perhaps I should start from the beginning, you know, to make sure you understand. Either way I suppose I must tell you, but believe me, I don't think you're ready for this yet."
"Evergreen, are you going to tell me or not?" By now Rosie was becoming quite annoyed. Her friend always babbled like this when she was nervous.
Evergreen looked Rosie straight in the eye and said,"Rosalinda Belle, you are a queen. The queen of the Enchanted World. Or the True Enchantress, as people in our world call it."

Sarah- One of my Best Friends Forever!

Hey peoples! This is one of my closest friends. We used to hang out at the High School every afternoon because our moms worked there together, but since my mom retired, we don't see each other as much. But that doesn't mean we aren't best friends anymore!

I am so glad we are going to be in the same school again! Since I'm a year older than her, I had to go through middle school without her for the whole sixth grade! But it's nice to know she'll be there next year, even though we'll be in different grades.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is my cousin Carly and me. As you can see, we used to be taller than that bush, but not anymore! Weren't we so cute, though! That was when I was about six years old, and my cousin was only five. My mom said that I don't really look the same anymore, but that my cousin does. You can actually tell that's her in the more recent photo on the right.

Summertime is Almost Over! NOOO!

So earlier I was just sitting around in my room, watching TV, stuff I do most everyday, when I remembered that I had a check-up coming soon this week. It's on the 24th of July, and I went to mark it on my calender. That's when I really noticed what day it was, and I was a little sad when I realized that summer for my school is almost over! We only have about three weeks left. The rest of this week, next week, and then the week after that except Friday, cause that's when school starts. NOOOO! But seriously, I am pretty excited, although I know that will wear off soon, like probably on the second week of school! I like school well enough, but I just hate getting up early every morning. I'm glad I already got most of my school supplies, so we can avoid the big crowds. I really love the new bag I got for school. It almost looks like a purse or a small tote, but I like using those for schoolbags because you can find things a lot easier. Oh well, I'm sure school will be fun... I guess.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rockin' Roscoe

This is my dumber-than-a-rock dog named Roscoe. Roscoe can be really strange sometimes, but I love him! He always looks so innocent in his pictures, but looks can be deceiving, right? I can't count how many hilarious things he does! One time he was trying to walk into my room, but he wasn't watching where he was going and he ran into the wall. All I hear is this loud 'thump!' But he really is adorable.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First Story- The Rose Enchantress

"What? But I thought you loved these books even more than me! You can't bail on me now!" Rosie's best friend's voice rang through her mind once more. Brenda was the best friend a girl could ask for, but sometimes she could be incredibly annoying. Rosie had had to explain four times before Brenda finally gave up.

"I told you, I have some family stuff to do this weekend. My mom won't let me tell anyone about it though, and even if I could tell you, you wouldn't understand. Look I have to go. But I'm begging you, could you please get my copy signed for me?"

Brenda agreed, and Rosie was off to her mother's flower shop.

Rosie was almost there now. The Enchanted Blooms Flower Shop was her favorite place to go in the entire town. She loved to watch as her mother would persuade the little Marigolds to pop up out of the soil, she laughed as the tiny seedlings stumbled around the pot, and she stared in awe as her mom whispered songs to the roses, her favorite flower, to help them grow all the way up to the ceiling.

Now, you probably think she means her mother waters the plants, and just takes care of them, right? Wrong. Rosie's mother is a Rose Enchantress, a beautiful maiden who can sing to the flowers to make them come out and dance. These unknown magical peoples live in a glorious world they call 'The Enchanted World'. Rosie's mother, who's name is Belle, and the entire Enchanted World, all share a great secret. Rosie is soon to not only be the new Rose Enchantress, but will also be the long awaited True Enchantress, or the queen of the Enchanted World. Rosie just hasn't been told about this yet. We'll leave her tiny fairy friend Evergreen to tell her about that.